War All The Time

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Found this, a Danny McDowell original. #1 out of 1. Sad Love.


I also finished this pair of hands. Skullz heald. Elephant is fresh.


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Got a couple of healed photos last week. The first is also a coverup. Unfortunately, this is the largest tattoo of the Christ I will ever get to do, and here is a ship I could only get shitty photos of the first time around


Also a couple of bigger tattoos that are still in progress…

Finally almost done with this dragon, the dig dug tattoo was not me. I hope they are docking.

Flash Set / Salt Lake City Convention

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Painted this flash set. Email me for a set. HJA213@gmail.com

Please don’t just copy them, painting is difficult.


Philadelphia Convention

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 Thanks to everyone who got tattooed.


Older Tatts

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Some stuff I’ve done in the past few months. I’ll try to keep it fresh.


First Post.

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I just started this blog, and will obviously be posting primarily about my tattooing, painting, and possibly Danny McDowell. I work at California Electric Tattoo Parlour in Santa Cruz. Here are some of my favorites as of now to start it off. Any contact can be made through my email or shop –


shop phone – (831) 251 – 1122

…of course, theres also facebook…


IG -herbxauerbach